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INS has been providing information technology services since 1993. Our expertise lies in three primary areas of service: Custom Software, ERP Solutions and Infrastructure Support. We are passionate about providing tools that meet your organization’s needs – and partnering with you as you grow.

Alere Software from TIW Corporation

Alere is ERP software as it should be – fully integrated modules including CRM, Data Acquisition and Document Management. Every function talks with every other function – right out of the box! Insightfully designed to deliver automatic period closings, as-of reporting, enter-it-once data, and a minimal hardware footprint for maximized everyday performance. INS can customize Alere to be tailor-fit for your business, making it the go-to solution many organizations trust for streamlining and integrating business processes.

Blaze Digital Compass

The Blaze Digital Compass from Blaze Performance Solutions helps organizations learn the content they need to help move the needle forward, execute on their highest goals and priorities, and achieve sustained success through a unique gamification platform. The Blaze Digital Compass is engineered to Help Companies and Leaders Make Breakthrough Choices. The cutting-edge, cloud-based, mobile-enabled, gamified platform inspires, educates, motivates, invites application, and sustains engagement that transforms organizational priorities into fun, goal-oriented achievements.

Custom Software Solutions

As organizations grow, off-the-shelf software may no longer be the most efficient solution to best automate evolving work processes. INS has been creating Custom Software Solutions for over 25 years. As the business world becomes more streamlined, more virtual and more mobile, INS is prepared to help get your business out front, online and on-the-go! Our team of developers is highly-trained and proficient in today’s mobile frameworks to create the perfect solution for your business with the flexibility and customized functionality you need to become more efficient, streamline your workflow and meet your goals!


Webroot Antivirus and Security Software

Viruses are just one of the ways hackers attack. Webroot covers security gaps other products might miss with award-winning Business Endpoint Protection for a cloud-based total security solution that can run conflict-free alongside other security software. Webroot is easy to use, and with threat data delivered to protected devices from the cloud in real time it’s always up to date.


Backup Service (On-site and Cloud Solutions)

INS partners with industry leaders like Microsoft, VMware and Datto to bring our clients reliable backup services to help protect against disaster and data loss. Our solutions include powerful Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery options including Datto ALTO and Datto SIRIS to prevent data loss, mitigate ransomware threats and provide minimal downtime should there be a catastrophic loss. Don’t merely trust your most precious files to an external hard drive that could fail, be stolen, or become damaged in a fire or flood. Automatically copying files to off-site cloud storage servers that you can reach from anywhere, protects your data from disaster and brings much-needed peace of mind.

Managed Services Solutions

How well could you manage your business if you knew exactly how much you were going to spend on technology this year and every year? Your business objectives aim to achieve one thing – Success. With INS as your Managed Service Provider (MSP), you can leverage your IT department to be focused on that same goal. People who are paid to fix broken computers count on one thing – more broken computers. Trust INS as your off-site MSP resource and count on a powerful solution to your critical infrastructure support and empower your IT department to truly focus on the growth and success of your business.


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