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Integrated Network Strategies provides  personalized attention to your technology needs with customized solutions that bring results.  See what some of our clients have experienced when trusting us to solve their challenges:


Real Situations, Real Results

Client 1
Service INS Provided:  Software Development – Efficiency Improved
The Client is a Healthcare claims’ clearinghouse

Before: Client processed claims in batch mode  2-3 times a day. The client processed 100,000 claims per day.

After INS:   Providers immediately knew what was going to be paid on a claim – now operating on a real-time claims system.

The Solution:   INS reconfigured and rewrote client’s core database and claim processing application over the time frame of a year.

The Results:  Efficiency improved tenfold and money was saved. They have been successfully processing real-time claims for over two years now.

Client 2
Service INS Provided:  Network Support– Time Sensitive Challenge

The Out-of-State Client’s secure internet “tunnel” ceased operation.

Challenge:  The tunnel devise ceased for one of their key customers.  The Client tried to resolve the problem on their own.

After INS:   With little information, INS was able to reconnect with their customer over the secure tunnel in a couple of days.

The Solution:  Time sensitive problem to quickly restore
communication with their key customer.


Client 3
Service INS Provided:   Software Development– Productive Billing

A Healthcare Client needed a new billing process

Before:  The Client’s billing process was not doing what was needed.

After INS: A better, more user friendly system was put in place with payments reconciled from data in multiple systems and allowing multiple users to access the information.

The Solution:   INS built the system that the client has been using for over 8 years.